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Community Reach Template

Community Reach Template

The Community Reach template is a tool for clubs to articulate the extent with which their activities extend into the community.

Traditionally clubs have been good as telling their story in relation to participation numbers on the field, but haven’t been as good at articulating the number of additional people their club impacts.

Clubs can populate the template themselves in order to simply and succinctly illustrate their own story about the extent to which they reach into their community.


1. Enter Club names in the top left hand box.

2. Place club logo in top right hand box by:

  a. Place cursor over the logo box

  b. A "Club to put your Club logo here" instruction will appear. Left click.

  c.  A select Icon box will appear.

  d.  Select "Browse" to find the PDF logo file located on your computer.

  e.Click "ok". Logo will insert.

  NB: logo must be in PDF format.

3. Start with the "Players" box:

  a. Select from the drop down boxes the type of players ie Senior football, Junior football, Auskick, Netball etc.

  b. Add the corresponding number of players in the box beside.

4. Enter the number of "Committee Members (Volunteers)" in the next box

5. Enter the number of club "Sponsors and Partners". In the adjoining box, list the key club sponsors and partners.

6. Enter the number of "Football Club Members".

7. Enter in the "Social Reach" box the number of people who would attend home games, club dinners and social functions. Try not to double count those who have been included in previous entries. In the adjoining text box, list the key events, social functions that the club provides.

8. Enter in the "Community Activity Reach" box, the number of people involved/engaged in activities that engaged the broader community outside the normal club environment ie Involvement in community festivals, clinics at the local primary school, fundriaing campaigns for charities. In the adjoining text box, list the community activities the club is involved in.

9. Each of the numbers entered, automatically tally to a total number in the "Our Community Reach" section at the bottom of the page.

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